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Wednesday, July 24 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm AEST

You are invited to attend the book launch by WIZO Chavera – a night of music, worry, humour and redemption.
Join the panel as they reflect on Berlin 1930’s and its resonance today.
Music by Karen Feldman & Adam Starr.

Locked down over Covid, Eugene followed another Dog-lover, Hitler, down into his bunker.
Though funny, the novel’s message could not be more important in these dark times.

“When we were locked down for months during the pandemic, not that I need a reason to think about Hitler, but I started thinking of him locked down in his bunker for the last four months of his life….”
Residing in his mountain chalet, Hitler is literally on top of the world. While Field Marshall Goering enriches himself with priceless artworks pilfered from Jews, and Goebbels masters the art of propaganda,
Hitler lives the life of a sensitive New Age man, devoting himself to a vegetarian lifestyle, natural medicines and the company of his secret girlfriend Eva Braun, and Goebbels’ stylish wife, Magda.
Besides designing the future capital of the thousand-year Reich, with the assistance of Berlin’s zoo director, the Fuhrer seeks to recreate the mythic Teutonic past when bison-like Aurochs and savage
wolves roamed Germany’s ancient forests. Under the influence of a dubious doctor, he begins to believe not only that his beloved dog is descended from a wolf, but that he himself can become one too.
As the war turns against Germany, Hitler is forced to relocate to his bunker under Berlin, whence he continues to formulate battle plans, unaware Germany no longer has the men or the material to execute them. Though increasingly drug-addled, he does not lose the trust of his Generals, who believe him to be working on a secret.
Until the death of his fellow dictator, Mussolini, Hitler also refuses to believe all is lost. He – the alpha wolf – and his wolf-dog will lead his Wehrwolves to final victory.
A domestic cat has another idea

Wednesday, July 24 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm AEST

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