About Us

The Social Blueprint is a not for profit organization that showcases all the Melbourne Jewish community and those who support it have to offer. We are connecting community, businesses and social interactions to create synergy and leverage the best of each.

Our Mission

To create connections within the community to empower each person’s journey. While you are on your individual journey we are opening your eyes to others, intertwining those who might be crossing your path along their own journey.  These synergies inspire, enrich and strengthen our Jewish community.


Founding Story & Team

The Social Blueprint stemmed from an internal project at CCare. Within a couple of months of Covid 19 CCare’s recipient base over doubled. Many new recipients had never had to ask for aid previously and were embarrassed and humiliated that they now needed to. Whilst CCare’s core mission is to support those who are experiencing food insecurity and social isolation, there were other forms of aid recipients were seeking. It became apparent that there is a very diverse needing our community.  It was evident that there was a need for a discrete, safe and secure place for individuals to find the help they need. 

The Social Blueprint was born with a mission to empower individuals along their journey by creating connections and embracing the community. At some point everyone needs help. Often the hardest part is asking for it or knowing where to look.

The Social Blueprint is a not-for-profit that came to life with the support and collaboration of dedicated individuals and organisations. This continued collaboration is the secret sauce to our success. 

We would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their contribution to The Social Blueprint:

Lowe Family, Andrew Blode AM, Sara Gold, Tammy Feldman, Michelle Dubrowin,  Lisa Levy, Rachelle Givoni, Amanda Smorgon, Helsie Brustman OAM, Dalia Gross, Tahni Paluch, Assaf Ambar, Shlomo & Rivki Nathanson, Jeremy Krause, Benj Michelson, Dr Michelle Meyer, Linda Gore, Nicole Klooger and Guido Melo.

The Social Blueprint is proudly sponsored by the Lowe Family

and the Jack and Robert Smorgon Families Foundation.


This site is dedicated to the memory of Saul Gold and Jeffrey Lowe.