Frequently Asked Questions

The Social Blueprint does not get a kickback from any references that result in a business transaction. The Social Blueprint is not endorsing any of the organisations listed on the site. It is simply providing a place for organisations and businesses who are community-minded to list their offerings.
Since the onset of Covid19, CCare found that the requests for information outside of its domain dramatically increased. Due to the more varied client base that CCare obtained during 2020, the diverse requests impacted the time volunteers and staff spent trying to find the right organisation for the specific clients’ needs. A cheat sheet of available resources was created and has evolved into The Social Blueprint. While looking into mental health and wellness we decided to widen the scope to invite all Jewish community organisations and groups to list themselves onto the site. 
Our organisation is independently run and is being set up as a not for profit. A committee from within the Jewish community has been formed to ensure that the essence of the site remains non-political and inclusive. The members of the working team are: Sharon Lowe, Andrew Blode, Sara Gold, Dalia Gross, Amanda Smorgon, Lisa Levy, Benj Michelson and Jade Lowe.
Aid and Community:
All organisations offering a form of aid or Jewish community service may be listed on The Social Blueprint.
Business Listings:
Any organisation which supports the Jewish community can be listed on The Social Blueprint
Any listed not for profit organisation with communal events can post their events to the calendar.
Each organisation is able to edit and update their information at their own discretion. Reminders to keep the site current will be sent out twice a year.
As The Social Blueprint started as a list of aid organisations we felt that it was important to list integral aid organisations available to the wider community. We recognise that sometimes it is easier to seek help from those you don’t know as well as being experts and resources outside of the Jewish community which can offer valuable essential support. 
There is currently no charge to be listed on The Social Blueprint. 
Businesses are able to advertise on The Social Blueprint. Please use the contact form to chat about advertising opportunities. 
All posts are reviewed by a member of our team before going live. 
All Public Discussion posts will be reviewed by the organisation and the website moderators. All spam and unnecessarily negative reviews will not be tolerated and will be reviewed.