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Tributes to our love of Israel, it's people and Jewish Life.

Our Florentin series is street art of local artists in Florentin, Tel Aviv. Photos were taken on December 27th, 2023 by Masha Gold.

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I Love The History 🇮🇱 Joey

I love the Negev 🇮🇱 Eden

Pesto Pizza and the Kottel 🇮🇱 Sam

Sarona Market and Shukshukkah 🇮🇱 Linda

Variety, vibe, people, food, nature & hiking 🇮🇱 Kelly

Aroma coffee & Golda 🇮🇱 Jade

Dallal Bakery 🇮🇱 Masha

Mitzpe Ramon 🇮🇱 Sara

Panda Pita 🇮🇱 Kobe

Yaffa 🇮🇱 Lara

Tell Us Why You Love Israel

Masada 🇮🇱 Josh

Showing Love Notes 37-48 of 54